Benefits Of Regularly Scheduled Dental Appointments

By | July 19, 2016

As the saying goes, “A smile is worth a million words”. The fact is that a person’s smile is often what makes the first impression and the best way to achieve beautiful, white, healthy teeth is by visiting the dentist regularly.

Dental Hygiene AppointmentAccording to the American Dental Association, an individual should visit the dentist at least once a year. During this time, a thorough examination and cleaning is performed that consists of the teeth being x-rayed and special tools used to remove built up plaque and tarter. In addition to creating a gorgeous smile, this procedure prevents the onset of infection and disease.

As part of the cleaning process, the dentist may take new x-rays to identify cavities or other abnormalities. Any problems found would be addressed. As far as cleaning, an ultrasonic cleaner that sprays water is used to loosen and remove any plaque and tartar. Additional buildup is then scraped or sanded off, a completely painless procedure.

Once all plaque and tartar are removed the teeth are polished, using gritty type toothpaste placed on a special polishing device. Depending on the dentist, a fluoride treatment may also be provided after the cleaning is done. If someone has a serious buildup of bacteria, the gums can be irritated so after cleaning there may be slight bleeding and sensitivity.

Dental-AppointmentIn addition to seeing the dentist once a year for x-rays and cleaning, it is imperative to follow proper oral hygiene at home. This consists of brushing several times a day but also flossing to remove any debris caught between the teeth. Dentists also recommend quality toothpaste, one with the American Dental Association seal.

If an individual fails to have regular checkups, an array of problems can develop. For starters, gum disease can be prevented, which is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. The good news, if gum disease is detected early, it is treatable and reversible. Regular trips to the dentist can also prevent oral cancer. Unfortunately, someone dies from this form of cancer every hour, every day in the US. As part of the examination process during the annual visit, screening for oral cancer is done.

Going to the dentist regularly will also help prevent dental emergencies to include broken fillings, new cavities, and so on. The bottom line, regular checkups help achieve and maintain beautiful and healthy teeth, but also prevent potential risk of disease.